New speaker: dr. Ivo van Vulpen

Stay tuned on this website and on our Facebook page for introductions of our speakers. We are proud to announce our fifth speaker:

Dr. Ivo van Vulpen

Ivo van Vulpen (1973) is a particle physicist working at the University of Amsterdam and at Nikhef, the Dutch institute for subatomic physics. After completing his PhD he joined the CMS experiment as a CERN research fellow to prepare for the Large Hadron Collider running. He then joined the Atlas experiment, where he finally managed to find that particle that had been hiding in the vacuum for so long: the Higgs boson. At this moment his research focuses on the measurement of the lifetime of the Higgs boson.

Ivo is involved in several outreach projects. Together with fellow physicist Sense Jan van de Molen and the artists from Stichting Tegen-Beeld he initiated the muurformule-project in Leiden ( and earlier this year his popular science book on particle physics was published: ‘De Melodie van de Natuur’ (Atlas Contact, 2018).

In his talk he will discuss how particle accelerators have allowed us to penetrate ever deeper into the world of the very small, giving us insights in the structure of matter and the interactions, finally leading to the Standard Model. The discovery of the Higgs boson is discussed together with the open questions that keep particle physicists at CERN awake at night. What are these riddles and what are the ideas physicists dream of at the Large Hadron Collider that will solve them: new particles, new forces and new phenomena. Searching for new worlds deep underground in Switzerland. Adventure!

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