New speaker: prof. dr. Maarten de Jong

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Prof. dr. Maarten de Jong


Having performed various particle physics experiments at CERN, I have now focussed my career on the study of cosmic neutrinos. The study of cosmic neutrinos is one of the key components in the field of astro-particle physics. In 2006, I have been appointed as professor in the Netherlands in this relatively new field. The election as deputy spokesperson (2006–2009) of the Antares project, the spokesperson (2013–2017) of the KM3NeT project and EU-program coordinator (2017) speak for my leadership in this field.

The main objectives of the KM3NeT are the discovery and subsequent observation of high-energy
neutrino sources in the Universe and the determination of the mass hierarchy of neutrinos.
These objectives are strongly motivated by two recent important discoveries, namely:
The high-energy astrophysical neutrino signal reported by IceCube and the sizeable contribution of electron neutrinos to the third neutrino mass eigenstate as reported by Daya Bay, Reno and others.
Neutrinos are fundamental particles, probably best known for their reluctance to be detected.
In this colloquium, I will present the rationale as well as the technique of detecting neutrinos from the cosmos.

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