The symposium will take place in the Waaier 4 (Berkhoffzaal) at the campus of the University of Twente. Registration will take place outside Waaier 4 at the second floor from 8.45 until 9.15. If you decide to pay in cash, it can be done during the registration. The programme of the symposium ‘A Journey to the Subatomic’ is :

08:45-09:15Registration with coffee and thee
09:15-09:30Lumen Eek and Bob van EijkOpening of the Symposium
09:30-10:10Prof. dr. ir. Sander BaisThe quantum quest for fundamental building blocks and forces
10:10-10:50Prof. dr. Eric BergshoeffGravity according to Einstein
10:50-11:15Short break
11:15-11:55Dr. Allessandro GrelliThe universe in the lab: a journey into the physics of ultra-relativistic heavy ion collissions
11:55-12:35dr. Ivo van VulpenLooking for new worlds using the Large Hadron Collider at CERN
12:35-13:35Lunch break
13:35-14:15Prof. dr. Freya BlekmanFrom cables to discoveries: The daunting challenges of experimental particle physics
14:15-14:55Prof. dr. Maarten de JongKM3Net: The next generation neutrino telescope
14:55-15:20Short break
15:20-16:00Prof. dr. Chris van den BroeckGravity's messengers: The direct detection of gravitational waves and what comes next
16:00-16:40dr. Auke Pieter ColijnThe missing Universe
16:45-17:00Bob van EijkConclusions of the symposium
17:00Drinks at the TAP